About Gypsy Heart Wellness

Welcome to the sacred space that I have created.

I have always trusted in the natural flow and alignment

for those who will meet me on this journey.

I believe the spiritual and healing journeys we take are extremely unique

to each individual, for our soul's experiences and soul path

are of course uniquely different.  

I am passionate about self care, self love and acceptance,

self discovery and personal growth.

To support you in connecting or reconnecting with your authentic self.

The healing journey isn't all rainbows and sunshine,

but your soul will thank you for having the courage to go deep within to face all aspects of the light and dark you hold.

To find your own light within and shine that brightly.​

Here at Gypsy Heart Wellness you are invited to

Relax. Release. Heal.


Reiki Master Teacher 2017

Attuned by Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Kerri Hay

Certificate in Teaching Meditation Level 1 2017

Lifeflow Meditation Center

Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing 2018

Sound Healing Academy 

Seichem Healing Level 1 2018

Jeanette Nash 

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 2018

Yoga Kids SA

Crystal Shamanism Level 1 & 2 - 2020 

Academy Of Crystal Awakening

Gypsy Heart Wellness Reiki Adelaide

Group Sessions 

Sound Bath Meditations

Sound Bath Meditations by Sonja are a wonderful way to honour your self care. 

The session will allow you to stop and let go of all that is happening and surrender into a deeper relaxation in a group setting with likeminded souls. The space is safe and comfortable. Your experience may vary from session to session as our emotional, mental and physical body is in a constant state of change based on our daily and life circumstances. These sessions are held weekly

and suitable for people that have never practiced any form of meditation to experienced meditators. Casual bookings are welcome.

Sound Bath Meditations in the Salt Cave

Sound Bath by Sonja in the Salt Cave.

This takes the sound bath to a whole new level.

Combining the modalities of Sound Healing and Halotherapy, you will be immersed in the delightful sounds & soaking in the calming atmosphere of the very intimate setting of the Salt Cave.

The himalayan salt under your feet add a beautiful sensory experience

allowing for enhanced connection and grounding.  

These sessions are held once a month,

so be sure to book in advance to secure your seat.