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Meet Sonja

Sonja's passion and desire to help others has been deeply within her from a very young age whether it be people, animals or the environment 

Sonja has created a safe space that invites you to connect with yourself.


A journey of healing, connection, self care, self love and finding or re-connecting with your authentic self.  

Through the adversities Sonja has faced, she knows first hand, what the benefits of self care and having a positive mindset and outlook are. 

You don't need to have any certain beliefs or faith, just hold an open mind.

Sonja looks forward to continuing this journey of not only her own growth and development, but yours too.


The greatest journey is the journey within.

Reiki Healer Adelaide Gypsy Heart Wellne

Gypsy Heart Wellness Services

Spreading light, sharing love and offering healing, energy work, spiritual & intuitive guidance,

workshops and Sound Bath meditations are what you can find in Gypsy Heart Wellness.

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Through necessity, I learnt... taught myself to meditate and access abilities to help myself Heal.

It worked but was limited with many up's and down's....Physically and Mentally...

Then through a series of events a mutual Friend introduced to Sonja.

Took me a couple of months before I had first reiki session..... WOW..

Life Changing for me..... able to take me and show me more than I have ever seen....

I now see Sonja on a regular basis for reiki....

She is a Humble... Peaceful.... Positive.... Beautiful Being.

I am .... We are blessed with Her in our lives.

Thanking You Gypsyheart.

Mick Simms

Reiki Australia

Just for today, I will not anger.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will be grateful for all my blessings. 

Just for today, I will work with honesty and integrity.

Just for today, I will be kind to all living beings.